Holistic Creative Chat with Asia Suler

Holistic Creative Chat with Herbalist and Writer, Asia Suler

I’m super excited to share today’s guest – she is an herbalist, writer and teacher right here in the beautiful Asheville area – the passionate, heart-centered and wise, Asia Suler.

I have to confess, we haven’t met in person yet, but word around town is that she is a fantastic teacher – and I know she is certainly inspiring with all she brings into the world online and off.

Grab a cuppa tea and maybe a journal to doodle in, and join us as we chat about wholeness, taking creative time for stillness and in nature, and healing…

You can visit Asia RIGHT HERE.

Asia’s workshop for the 2015 SPECTRUM Holistic Creative Circle ::

Bedrock: Developing a Relationship with the Transformational Medicine of Land

Land is our first medicine. Whether you live in the valleys of Appalachia or on the top floor of a Manhattan skyline you are, at every moment, heralded and held by the land. From the site of your birth, to the rich earth that will cradle your bones, the land around you will be offering a perennial invitation— to take root and grow.  Throughout our lives each one of us will be brought to places, not only by opportunity or instinct, but by the unique voice of the land itself. Land is not only a provider of food or sustenance; it is an initiator for truly grounded transformation. We must only heed the soil-deep siren song. When we can take time to stop and listen to the land, to honor the physical places of our lives, then the many layers of who we are and what exactly it means to be here can be revealed.

In this intimate experience we’ll explore the meditative tools and medicine-making practices that can help us forge an even deeper level of communication with the land around us. Through a guided meditation and ritual, we’ll explore the bedrock of land-based transformation and invite further understanding of the unique personality, and power, of any given place. Incorporating elements from the practice of flower essence creation and Daoist stone elixirs, this course will guide you to make your very own Land Essence, a medicinal elixir prepared from the healing heart of your most vital land base.

(There are 24 other inspiring teachers for Spectrum this year as well!)

Intuitive plant altar  by Asia
Intuitive plant altar by Asia


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Holistic Creative Chat with Julie Gibbons

free Holistic Creative Chat with artist and mandala maven Julie Gibbons - come listen in while you art journal

Today’s guest just brings the biggest smile to my face and heart – artist, creative entrepreneur and self-proclaimed Mandala Magic Geometer, Julie Gibbons. My response to this whole conversation internally was, yes yes yes.

So hit play and listen in while Julie shares her wisdom and inspiration around the question who am i? + getting clear inside one’s self, celebrating others and the feminine approach to when you have lots of creative ideas…


You can visit Julie RIGHT HERE.

Julie’s workshop for the 2015 SPECTRUM Holistic Creative Circle ::

The Encircled Self

A mandala journey to the sacred heart of you, this workshop invites you to undertake an artful self-discovery quest from the comfort of your creative space! We shall begin by creating the most basic of all mandalas, the circle, and bring it into physical form by way of a mandala disc. Our next task will be to seek out our symbolic nature by means of some journaling, before weaving this colourful fabric back into the welcoming embrace of the mandala. Completing our adventure together, we will activate the mandala magic in some unexpected ways.

by Julie
by Julie


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Holistic Creative Chat with Jessica Brogan

Interview with Holistic Creative Jessica Leigh Brogan on being an artist, writer, single mama, and not giving up on your dreams

It’s time for another Holistic Creative Chat – with Jessica Leigh Brogan, published mixed media artist, writer, and single mama. When we chatted, Jessica and I just dove right into that beautiful truth she is living – of being a single-mama artist AND committed to not giving up your creative dreams in the day-to-day rhythms and responsibilities of parenting.

We’re happy you’re listening in, and hope you find some inspiration and sense of connection for your creative journey as well…

You can visit Jessica RIGHT HERE.

Jessica’s workshop for the 2015 SPECTRUM Holistic Creative Circle ::

Your Focus/Filters Flipbook

In this workshop, we will be cultivating two distinct practices: mixed media style, as well as  introspective, self-reflection work. The mixed media aspect will culminate in a beautiful altered book that reflects your burgeoning mixed media style. The efforts of your reflective work will be captured within. You will learn my intuitive, messy-with-purpose style, and come away with a sense of freedom with creating mixed media spreads.

For the structure and reflective portion of the workshop, we will be turning our focus to the lives we keep outside of our creativity. Many of our favorite workshops and classes focus on our creative practice, which is wonderful. This workshop applies our creative practice to the rest of our lives! Working with prompts, you will determine the focuses and foundations of a happy, cultivated life in all other areas. We will be coming up with specific mantras and guidelines for the life you want to lead beyond your creativity (though these often align perfectly with your creative practice!). The answers will be housed in a dedicated, gorgeous book that you can return to, monthly, weekly, daily – as needed.

(There are 24 other inspiring teachers for Spectrum this year as well!)

detail of art journal by Jessica Leigh Brogan, click through for an interview with her on living a holistic creative life as artist, writer and single mama
by Jessica


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Let It Be Unknown and Make More Art

mixed media art journal detail
mixed media art journal detailmixed media art journal detailmixed media art journal detail

As I sit here staring at the screen, I think what is most true is that I am still processing this spread, along with many other things in my personal life right now.

These pages were a test run, created with the invitation I’m giving in my offering for Spectrum this year. In a nutshell, it’s an exercise about connecting with the medicine of our lineage.

Once I was done, my mind was immediately in a fit of judgment about the page (or mostly about the energy that had risen in me in relation to what it brought up). Yet, over the course of several weeks – and even while recording the workshop demo that will be in Spectrum, I kept coming back to look at this spread and reflect on my reaction/response to it.

What I mean by that is not that I am looking for a specific meaning necessarily – but just that I am noticing the feelings that arise in me when I’m present with it. Mysterious feelings. Deeper than consciousness. Beyond known story. Threads of connection through time and space and breath.

forgotten and remembered
   known and unknown
   real and imagined

(Those are the words written in white in the ‘gateway’ area – more on that in the workshop.)

The pages are now a touchstone to the experience I had in the making, to the relationship and response that resulted from my hands-on, heart-in exploration. To what has been released, invoked and primed for activation… even if the next move or mark (in life or in paint) seems ambiguous.

Seeing the pages, touching them, brings up the memory (conscious or not) of everything that moved through me in the making of them… which is no less than an impression of my essence through time. They imply, by mere transference of presence and energy, everything I’ve known, experienced, chosen, etc… and foretell that which guides the decisions I am making, will make, and what is to come. Your pages hold this *knowing*, as well. I’m chuckling a bit because that sounds so serious or imperative or magical or something. And while it might be, I don’t take the art itself that seriously at all.

There’s nothing magical about this, at its core, though – or if there is, it’s practical magic, as I’ve heard Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes say. It’s just the way things are, the way we are.

Synchronicities are nothing more than impressions of what already is – inherent connection. We simple choose where to see them and whether or not to see them at all. Of course they will land on the pages of an art journal. You don’t even have to try for this. In doing it, we simply see new arrangements of connections that already exist. In practicing the seeing on the page, our expanded seeing in life becomes stronger, more colorful, more alive.

It brings up the question of meaning again, though. It can be so comforting and undeniably valuable at times to find meaning – in our art or our stories and circumstances. Other times, though – it can be a limitation that is too stifling to bear. It all depends on the vantage point from which we contemplate.

It seems to me that we make most of the meanings we seek and find (individually and collectively)… and sometimes, at least for me, the greatest meaning of all is in not knowing. It tastes like freedom when you savor it. In the rivers of uncertainty, we find the promise of possibility and greatest growth.

That’s what fascinates me, I guess. About art and my greater life. How they mirror one another, reflecting, illuminating, bringing attention to subtle patterns and nuances, and to the seeds of possibility.

When I show up to making my art, my life shows up with me. In the practice, I not only remember, but become a more grounded emanation of who I’m here to be(come) – and the energy of possibility within her. I like her a lot better than who I am when I forget or neglect my practice. And when I return again, to my day-to-day life, from self-tending in my art, she is navigating the adventure again. (My muse and higher self is a kinder, more present, and definitely more interesting tour guide than my ego and fears, for sure)

I may still be processing some things from a very busy and intense time, in life and on my pages, but one thing has become very clear to me over the past few months of life and practice: I need to make more art. It is in the best interest of my personal well-being care-plan. It’s how I thrive. It’s the well from which I best serve AND enjoy.

Maybe you can relate.

So for some of us, that old zen proverb should read like this…

You should make art for twenty minutes every day — unless you’re too busy. Then you should make art for an hour.

Twenty minutes is nice – it’s even enough. But that hour to make my art (in a multitude of ways) is stellar for my sense of calm, clarity and visioning – and for how I show up to my life.

And if I take all the time I can spend thinking about making art (or how I’m not making art, or worrying about anything else at all) and actually use it to make art, I get a lot more than an hour out of many days.

Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.”

~ Warhol

Holistic Creative Chat with Jen Trulson

Free interview with Holistic Creative + Life Coach Jen Trulson

Chatting with today’s guest was a delight in so many ways. Jen Trulson takes the Holistic Creative chats into reflection about curiosity, the power of surprise and Stillness as creative source and sanctuary.

Grab a cuppa, maybe a journal to move some color or line around, and listen in…

You can visit Jen RIGHT HERE.

Join Jen for her workshop in this year’s SPECTRUM Holistic Creative Circle ::

Surrender to Surprise

Your purpose is to be happy and experience joy. Yet this crazy life comes with more—crisis, accomplishments, sadness, celebration, anger, bliss, messes, magic, and everything in between and outside of that. Prepare to be guided on a sacred and magical journey, back home, to you. This simple practice can become a daily ritual. Greet each day with wonder and welcome surprise. And so it is.

photo by Jen
photo by Jen

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The Mess of Who You Are, Dare To Go There

bird bookmark cutaway

This is the post where I dip my toes back in and tell you life is all sorts of beautifully messy.

This is the note where I remind you (me) that you’re doing better than fine, more than enough, and everything is going to be OK. That nothing is missing and you’re not broken and even the stuff that you run from isn’t nearly as scary as your mind wants you to think.

This is the whisper that says you’re safe, even if you can’t exactly feel the ground beneath your feet right now.

That you are a beautiful mess, too – wild and unexpected and right on track in your organic becoming – without ever having to know a damn answer to anything.

And you can change your mind about it all, too.

This is the post where I ask you to take a few deep breaths and ask yourself this:

When you close your computer, turn off your cell phone and TV, push away the vision boards, goals and dreaming pages, the self-help courses and calendars and books, taking a moment away from the chatter of your people and the accomplishments of those you admire…

when you do this and take a quiet look around, what do you see? Where in your real-time, tangible, close-to-home (maybe in your home) life and creative-heart are you being called to show up with more presence?

What gives you space and breath and a sense of purpose that no one else has a measuring stick for? What brings you relief?

You might have several answers. It might not be what you first think, or what you’ve been striving for in the moments of your day-to-day. In fact, it might just throw all of that off for awhile as you move closer to whatever it is, but I invite you to dare to go there.

Don’t be surprised if it’s uncomfortable to slow down and be in it. Or if it hurts a little at first. That’s OK, too. Take it from the nurse in me – sometimes that’s exactly the way healing goes. And presence. The kind that has lasting impression anyway; the kind that expands our hearts for a greater truth.

If you listen close, showing up to what your life and relationships ask of you – whether the mess of it needs embellishing or tidying or just to be witnessed – you just might find yourself remembering exactly who you are in the process – who you have always been at your essence.

I’m betting it’s beautiful. I’m betting it’s gotten a bit messy at times along the way.

And I’m certain it is rich with color and love.


Enter here to win :: Lisa Sonora’s Creative + Practice ecourse

win a free spot to Lisa Sonora's Creative + Practice ecourse

Lisa Sonora and I had the chance to sit down for a little chat about the power of creative practice the other day – and she generously offered a gift spot, to one of my readers, to attend her Creative + Practice ecourse that starts next week on April 8!

Lisa is completely and utterly devoted to creative practice – for her own personal discovery and as a teacher in helping others develop their own practice that feels safe, sacred, insightful and inspiring. She lives the power of a creative practice daily, and wants to help you feel that, too. She and I share this passion – so I couldn’t be happier to offer a chance for a spot here.

Comments/entries are now closed.

The winner is Lesley!

The winner will be contacted via email to get set up with Lisa.


Oh – and that chat Lisa and I had? I’ll be sharing some of it here in a couple of weeks in the Holistic Creative Chat series, since Lisa has also created a beautiful workshop offering as a contributor for Spectrum this year.


Holistic Creative Chat with Julie Daley

free Holistic Creative interview with Julie Daley

Creativity catalyst, writer and transformational artist & coach, Julie Daley, is this week’s guest for our Holistic Creative Chats. We touch on embodiment, death as a creative part of life, and remembering our essence, as we talk about the two ideas found in every chat: the rhythms of creative practice and the dynamics of healing.

In my personal opinion, Julie exemplifies Wise Woman, living~breathing~becoming, and it became even more evident to me after sharing this time with her that honoring sacred creative energy is the pulse behind how she shows up to life and others.

I am beyond honored and joyful to get to share this conversation with you…


You can visit Julie RIGHT HERE.

Join Julie for her workshop in this year’s SPECTRUM Holistic Creative Circle ::

How to Enter the Creative Unknown, the Sacred Temple Within

Starting is one of the hardest parts of creating. But when you have a way in to this space of the creative unknown, starting is much easier and can even be pleasurable and centering. I’ll guide you across the threshold into the creative unknown within you, the sacred temple within from which your creativity flows. You are creative. It’s your nature, your birthright. And, when you enter with reverence, you reveal the elegant nature of your own Soul.

photo by Julie Daley, click to hear interview with her on holistic creativity
by Julie

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