time for translation

art journal, Hali Karla

often, the pages know things before I do.

this page waits for words.

it may be a long wait.

but that’s ok –

in its infinite mystery, the page already knows.

there is a time for translation,

and a time for quiet.


“God’s first language is silence. Everything else is translation.” ~ Thomas Keating


you will love these artists – come art journal with us!

21 SECRETS Spring 2015 Round

Over at Dirty Footprints Studio, I’m the Creative Director for the 21 Secrets art journaling workshop. I have to confess, though, that there’s a lot more intuition involved than directing when it comes to seeking, selecting and inviting the artists. I sort of love it. There is just the right mix of consideration and mystery to the process, as I seek out a diverse group of artists to enhance, jump-start, challenge and entice your journaling practice for a 21 Secrets workshop.

See, I’m really a creative recruiter. I always have been – from when I was a kiddo bringing together friends that might not otherwise hang out together for creative shenanigans, to when I ran a gallery, curating and directing events for 600+ people at a time. Full circle, I find myself again as a gatherer of visionaries, artists and healers – for 21 Secrets, Spectrum and more. And as much as I place a lot of consideration into who to invite to teach – once they say YES, the whole project is sky-rocketed out of my intuitive hands and into the stars, while they dream up and create their workshops for you.

I love not knowing exactly what will result in the final mix… because I know something even better than that.

I know that when dedicated artists are invited to offer something, rooted in what thrills them to the core, to inspire creativity in others – that the combination of those efforts is always a beautiful, rich, multi-faceted offering, better than we could imagine or contrive or even create separately.

It becomes an experience for others that takes on a breath of its own. Happens every time. It’s a little bit magic, and a whole lot of inspiration. It’s creative energy in action.

That said, I’m super proud that we get to share the talented artists above today. They are the 21 22 artists teaching for 21 Secrets Spring 2015 – now open for registration at a pre-sale price!

You may recognize some of them – and I highly recommend hopping over to DFS today to meet any new faces and consider joining us in the Spring. You will love them – AND the workshops they are cooking up!

To learn more, GO HERE.



holistic creative chat with Autumn Weaver and Baraka Elihu

Autumn Weaver and Baraka Elihu. Holistic Creative Chat interview at Hali Karla Arts

I’m super excited today to introduce a creative duo for the Holistic Creative Chat series – Autumn Weaver and Baraka Elihu. These two women embody the essence of co-creating and generosity in their devotion to holding sacred space for women and acting as “ambassadors for the sacred feminine in all ways.” I am so very grateful for their presence, wisdom and connection in my life – and beyond honored to get to share their voices with you here.

Like last time, this is primarily an audio – perfect for closing your eyes, capturing inspiration or color in your journal, or while tending any moment in your life for which voices of sisterhood bring comfort. We touch on the power of women’s circles and cross-pollination for the creative process, the new matriarchy, language, listening, and the evolution of their 2015 empowerment program, Birthing Ourselves into Being…



You can visit Baraka and Autumn HERE and HERE.

Also mentioned in this talk, was a post with ideas on how to start your own Sacred Circle anchored in the BOiB program. To read that article, GO HERE.

Should you feel the call toward Birthing Ourselves into Being for 2015, and would like to participate in a global Tele-circle to ritualize and deepen the experience, I will be facilitating that option – which you can learn more about HERE.


holistic creative chat with Maya Zaido

Maya Zaido, Holistic Creative Chat interview

Today’s Holistic Creative chat is with a woman who has a gift for sharing with courageous transparency and generosity through word and story. You can simply feel Maya’s presence in the way she writes – and it is kind, honest, accepting and deeply intuitive.

Today’s chat was recorded on a conference line, so it’s an audio chat – perfect for hitting play and working in your art journal, folding clothes, or just closing your eyes and taking it inward.

We touch on animal communication, creative therapy, safety for healing, and listening to those inner voices…

To visit Maya, click RIGHT HERE.


sometimes i forget

watercolor with resist, Hali Karla

watercolor with resist, spirit bird detail, Hali Karla

sometimes i forget all that i do with my days.
the hours put in, the energy poured.
the tasks tended and
the visions given soul, breath and wing
over time unmeasurable.
sometimes i am so swept up in awe-empowered flight,
by the wholeness of love and heartbreak uniting,
creating the unimaginable,
that i forget how to be,
forget who i am.

those are blessed moments indeed.



First Friday (vlog): discomfort in finding completion with our artwork

art journal, Hali Karla

First Friday Creative Practice Check-In:

Other thoughts I didn’t say…

– To create a relationship with our process is indeed a sort of goal in itself – and each piece, page or expression is the chance to come to that sense of connection with Creative Source and our unconscious truth and story. The closer to a ‘goal,’ destination or expression we get in our physical state of being, the more difficult the journey can feel (especially to our minds!). It’s a little like climbing a mountain. Stick with it – the view is so worth seeing it through. If indeed there is any point of arrival at all, you will know you are there only in retrospect of having dropped into the beautiful flow again.

– If you are just not seeing or feeling anything you like in a piece – try giving yourself to that discomfort as if it were a terrain for exploration, becoming a devoted huntress for the beauty or meaning or transformation in the layers and process. Then, when you catch that glimpse, give yourself to it. Practice that. Again and again. This is the practice of healing through creative practice.

– In this work, practice is play, and play is practice, and it makes no sense that play can feel so uncomfortable sometimes – but we don’t need it to make sense at all. We just need it.

So, take a moment to reflect on your process a bit. Any thoughts, as we welcome a new month, about what you are completing or beginning or discovering in your holistic creative practice, process and life?

even better… wanna make a first friday video with me? if not this month, maybe next, eh? wouldn’t that be fun? kinda like a First Friday art walk – but virtual, and more about the process. i would totally stop by to see it.


sense of self ~ study

self study, Hali Karla
self study detail, Hali Karla
self study, Hali Karla

This month is Arts and Health month. Last year I celebrated with a daily blog post series called Art Heals. This year I’m honoring it more intimately. For my own well-being, and because it is what my mind-body-spirit-energy calls me to do.

Orienting, being, assessing, implementing soft shifts of love and devotion for the season of harvest, then retreat, then sprouting seeds.

I’m fitting in pockets of time, to see and feel into… my body, my being, my beloved, my truth.

I’ve been meaning to dip my feet into the waters of self-portraiture again for about a year and a half – see how it feels in this decade of my life.

So easy to do with a camera at my fingertips and a tube of old, gritty titanium white, on cold days with warm light cascading in on my napping family. I’m grateful for easy starts to long held intentions.

In the space of silent love, my mind quiets, and through my sense of self, I begin to see connections more clearly. It feels a bit like waking up.

self-portrait, Hali Karla

Shared on Instagram a few days ago, with the image above: Over fifteen years ago, when I was in college, “selfies” required tripods and timers and chemistry and lots of waiting to see results. They were a crucial, creative complement to therapy for me, and the darkroom was where I loved to discover magic and story in the light. It was a way of seeing what I couldn’t always feel or express – my truth, joy and pain, my questions and prayers. It was a way of helping my re-wired memory capture feelings in time I didn’t want to forget to remember – messages to my future journey of relating. What a gift it is that we can so easily explore seeing ourselves in different lights, and the process of growing and expanding through our vision, captured in snippets of becoming, as changing women in this changing time.


I’m sharing a weekly love-note with my mailing list this month – each week of November I’m visiting Mind, Body, Spirit, Place & Space respectively, and offering my musings of what comes up. If you’d like to receive those notes, join us HERE.

the place love shows up {new collective prayer painting}

prayer painting process pic, Hali Karla

It feels like a long time since I shared a collective prayer painting video.

As always, it’s a tender glimpse of my heart and practice, home-made with love. Prayer painting is a practice of vulnerability and truth, healing and joy. It is both a way of tapping into connection and the playfulness of expression.

This one is for the women who have traveled through RELATE with one another this fall, strengthening our sense of a global sisterhood through thoughtful intention, attention to self-truth and creative ways of being with one another – if even simply in our hearts.

And it’s also for you – and every prayer you hold, tend, and release in this season.


Thank you for your presence and witness.


prayer painting, created with prayers from women around the world, click through for video, Hali Karla Arts