Studio Heartbeat (vlog): creative energy cycles, your prime time of day, word of the year

Studio Heartbeat: creative energy cycles, your prime time of day, word of the year (Hali Karla Arts)

Trying out our new microphone today, after a cup of coffee (which I rarely drink – feeling zippy!), I thought it would be a good time to do a little studio heartbeat check-in! First one of the year…

Some after thoughts…

As for that creative energy Prime Time of the Day I mention, take note the location of where you were born and how it relates to UTC – that may definitely have an effect. Of course, I can’t help but wonder how light plays a role for us, too, with that one – given its effect on our hormones, and thus energy… so maybe it is about time of day where you are, not where you were born. huh. I happen to now live in the same timezone I was born in, so I can’t offer much on that one.

I mention Spectrum 2015, because much of my creative energy and attention is flowing into that virtual offering this year. A complete labor of love and I’m so excited – not just to offer my own very special workshop topic this year, but to take part alongside you in the other fantastic workshops from this amazing group of women with diverse talents, interests and wisdom to share with us. The early-bird rate is only for the month of January. Learn more HERE.

If you are declaring your Word of the Year to put energy around it, feel free to declare and share it here in the comments if you like. I’ll send a little love toward your intentions.

That upper right picture, which I shared in Instagram earlier this week, is a work-in-progress wall-hanging that the hubby and I started. Salvaged wood parts + a little canvas board painting… I see a wall altar in our future.

Thanks for listening. I enjoy doing these vlogs because they help me stretch. Sometimes my writing transmits a narrow perspective of my personality (and comes across a little deep or serious, at times – what can I say? I contemplate.) – so putting my face in front of the camera and winging it for you from time to time feels like another honest facet and peek into my process – and quarkiness. Just keeping it real over here at Hali Karla Arts.


the stones know {art journal prayer pages}

jan14aj altered book art journal page by Hali Karla
jan14aj altered book art journal page detail by Hali Karla
jan14aj altered book art journal page detail by Hali Karla
jan14aj altered book art journal page detail by Hali Karla

When we are attracted to a certain stone or rock, they say there is a reason. Plants, too, from my experience… and really, it can be said of all things Mother Earth holds for us until our attention lands upon them and she releases their medicine.

Stones are an interesting teacher to me right now – I’m guessing it has to do with my awakened curiosity for ancestors, ancient ones, and the spirit of places. Over the past couple of years this has been a quiet exploration of mine – an inward listening, a deep paying of intention and attention. It has been rich with receiving.

Of course, I like all the pretty gems and crystals we can purchase to add to our sense of Presence – yet, in all honesty, my favorite stones are the ones I find in the land herself. Like the moon-shaped one I hold when I pray, found by a river; the heart-shaped rock from Sedona placed in my hand by a soul-sister; and the lava piece sent to me from California by another kindred wise woman.

There is a telling in these stones – as stones will… they are record-keepers of time-passing, formed by energetic bits that have come together, will separate, and will form again into new life. They feed with mineral and essence and a steadfast promise of the connection of all things in this greater organism of which we, too, are a dynamic part.

Sometimes, we call them Grandfathers. I feel this in them, as well… a foundation, protection and balance. And there is also the knowing that each is a part of the body of the Mother, and shows evidence of her experience through time – each came from the mother, will return again to her, and be re-born into something both new and old again. It seems they are great teachers of living in harmony, cycle and presence.

If nothing else, for me there is a deep grounding in slowing down and listening to the stones in the land where we walk. They are all around, healers, and quite skilled at helping to relieve confusion, anxiety, or debilitating habits and thoughts. In the moments of, Is this real?, they whisper… You are real, You are here.

Their natural energy is through touch, remembering and becoming with the elements of life.

All of this to say, there is inspiration in stone – with a breath we cannot measure on the time scale with which we experience things in ordinary consciousness. The only word that ever fits in this realm for me is Spirit.

The New Moon is a wonderful time to purify your special stones and honor the energy and gifts they offer. Cleanse them in a bath, cushion them in a nest of sea salt, set them in the sunlight.

The pages above were a reunion with my favorite altered book to date. It had been too long, and it felt like coming home to dive into that spread… when it’s been awhile, there is often a vision of sorts, ready to surface rather quickly, like it’s been waiting for me to get back to my work.

In the movements of color and texture, there was this little sacred grove with what feels like stone sister priestesses to me, tending the awakening of new life all around. Strong with equanimity and knowing for what is to come.

Stones and stories aside, it was both fun and calming to engage my heart and hands on the page, in the moment, and let the creative mystery guide my way. It always fills me to look back at what a creative practice with art can reveal about my life and process. With more time, this page will likely speak of even more to me.


Spectrum 2015 Holistic Creative Circle – join us

Spectrum 2015 Holistic Creative Circle - where we art/visual journal + so much more, guided by 25 amazing contributors for a 6 month online experience. Early-bird celebration price if you register in January. Come create magic with us!

The word that keeps coming to my awareness for the 2015 Spectrum Holistic Creative workshop – and the collective of 25 women who are breathing life into this offering – is MAGICAL.

It’s not a word I use too much, but… I can feel it.

In the true, practical, wild, creative-fire, intuitive-knowing, keepers-of-tradition and makers-of-sacred-vision kind of way.

Every day as we’ve moved closer to this invitation, I have gotten more and more excited about the unique amalgamation that is simmering from this diverse, heart-centered group of wise and passionate creatrixes:

The 24 amazing guest contributors for the Spectrum 2015 Holistic Creative Circle - where we art/visual journal + so much more. Early-bird celebration price if you register in January. Come create magic with us! Hosted by Hali Karla Arts

On May 1, we will begin a 6 month journey together – a virtual circle with over 25 workshop offerings – and you are invited.

art and photos by Spectrum 2015 contributors Jennette Nielsen, Rachael Rice and Stephanie Gagos
art and photos by Spectrum 2015 contributors Jennette Nielsen, Rachael Rice and Stephanie Gagos

There are subtle shifts in how Spectrum has evolved from the 2014 program to the journey we will experience in 2015. All organic, in alignment with the original vision and participant feedback, and very exciting to my heart as facilitator as well.

We will still ground in our art and visual journals – and we will expand the experience further beyond the pages as well. I have a renewed commitment to the online communities where we connect for this year, as well. Let’s receive the magic and inspiration, and give it back to one another through the ways we share and relate and create space together.

It is my hope that Spectrum illuminates your wonder, expands the perspective you carry, ignites your creative practice, and brings you closer to the center of your free spirit and truth – sparking courage for ways of seeing, expressing, growing and being in your whole life. It is a way to nourish and support the rising up of our creative warrior hearts and the intuitive healers within – and you are invited…

… AND if you register in January, you receive the early-bird price.

CLICK HERE to LEARN MORE and join us…


Also available beginning today (as you’ll see at the link above), you can now purchase an abbreviated version of the 2014 Spectrum Holistic Visual Journaling program as a 225 page instant access eBook, with over 63 videos and 31 audios. If you register for both the eBook and the 2015 program together, you save even more.


tough mind and tender heart


jan7 art journal, Hali Karla

Having an intuitive creative practice is my lifeline in challenging times.

For all the things there are no words for.

As a respite from intensity.

Spacious breath in the midst of tension or helplessness.

A place with no expectation, and nothing but honest presence.

And a precious, sacred reminder of how blessed we are to be able to choose to see with Love and wonder.

This is why, even when life gets a bit full and overwhelming with other things, I still reach for a brush or pen and my journal almost every single day – and let my sometimes tough mind and tender heart flow to hand and page.


what they said… about the first year of Spectrum

Below are just a few of the kind words sent our way when I asked for feedback about Spectrum 2014. It’s important to me to hear helpful thoughts about what participants experienced as I shape the form of Spectrum 2015 (in one week, we share the 2015 Contributors and registration opens! Are you on the list to be first to hear?).

Spectrum 2014 became its own creation in so many ways, and was an incredible first year for the program. One of the things I learned, as host and facilitator, was that there wasn’t enough balance of my own time worked into the plan – between behind-the-scenes management and the level of presence and engagement I had hoped to offer in the community group. I’m so excited to share that this will be changing this year, as we have shifted things even closer to the original vision to make room for more connection during the workshops in 2015!

Some of the coming changes were in part due to the great technical requests and impressions for possible improvements from participants, received along with testimonies like the ones below, which feel like a pure gift.

Thank you from the depths of my heart to all participants and contributors from Spectrum 2014. I have received so much goodness and growth in the process of visioning, asking, and receiving your Yes and presence in creating our experience together. I can’t wait until we begin the 2015 Spectrum Circle together as well!











3 art journal flip-throughs (video)

art journal, click through for flip-through, Hali Karla Arts

As the New Year has rolled in, the fella and I have been nursing ourselves out of a nasty flu. So, needless to say, my blog post plans have fallen behind, but I wanted to share this little flip-thru video (below) that I started before the holidays swept us up and into 2015. (That image above was one of my first journal pages in 2014)

I worked in more than half a dozen art journals this past year because that’s just how I roll – I like variety and options and experimenting freely. I also tried 3 different planner projects trying to find the right fit. And I made a bunch of loose pages, too. 2014 sort of felt like a visual journaling free-for-all in my little world, to be perfectly honest. A devotion to creative impulse with no pressure on completion.  And I kinda like it that way.

This video gives a flip-thru of three of those journals – including one planner and an altered book – in all their unfinished, non-thematic glory:


with love and gratitude

Peace and Love to you and yours from Hali Karla Arts

wholly holy, day to day, Hali Karla Arts


Wishing you comfort, peace, prayers and ease, in all the ways you show up to and honor your holy days and relations this season.


take time for your wild provisions

art journal, intuitive feet, Hali Karla

Solitude is not an absence of energy or action, as some believe, but is rather a boon of wild provisions transmitted to us from the soul. Purposeful solitude is both palliative and preventative. It is used to prevent fatigue and weariness.

–Clarissa Pinkola Estes