I wrote a little song on my ukulele awhile back.

I’m kinda shy about it, but I listened to this today and thought,  
“Hey, now that’s not half bad. Hmph. I wrote a song. Who knew?” 

Of course, it totally helps to have a hot hubby musician in the house
who lets the universe soul-sing through his fingers to the guitar to our ears.

You can hear me and Steve playin’ my little dreamy minor melody here:

I’m pretty sure the world would be a better place if everyone picked up an instrument
or kicked off their shoes and let their bodies and souls
get lost in sound on a regular basis. 
It’s a language, an art, a mysticism that speaks deeply to our innate soul rhythm and pulse.
And it’s fun, 
free creative poetic 
with infinite potential
just waiting for You.
So let loose,
Go make some noise
pound on a pot,
sing an improv opera ditty about how pissed you are about something (it totally lightens the mood!),
pluck a string for Love and Calm,
or strum a few to Soothe and spark your curiousity,
blow a flute for your pets to perk their ears at,
hum your mind into ease
or just move your hips and head and arms and hair to an old favorite song
and revel in the soulfood sound sensation
of the gift of Music.