It’s as simple as that. And as simple as that is, it could possibly be the greatest gift you ever give yourself. Seriously. Even if you’ve never ever thought of yourself as an artist.
Are you looking for a place with women you feel safe in expressing yourself and exploring your creative curiosities, too??? 

Then I cannot recommend the online workshop BIG enough. The January session is filling up, I hear.

This is a completely unaffiliated (in the monetary sense) endorsement for Dirty Footprints Studio and the Fearless Painting way, as led by Fearless leader, artist and yogini Connie H. I’ve just been completely touched by the authenticity with which Connie guides, and the expectations in my life have been exceeded in amazing ways since I’ve begun painting intuitively.

It’s beyond amazing, if you’re willing to show up and give it your best. Simple as that.

If you’re not sure about what this Fearless painting stuff is (I wasn’t at first either) – you can read Connie’s words about it here.

Or, better yet, give yourself a little teaser taste and try her FREE guided workshop series first:

Sign up now for her January session. A little early holiday gift to yourself, or ask your special loved ones to pitch in for an experience for you instead of more stuff… but do it. You won’t regret it. And, I don’t know if I’m supposed to say this, but the tribe you get from it after the 6 weeks only expands at the end to a large beautiful circle of warm, inspiring women. My heart is filled everyday with gratitude for this tribe.

If that wasn’t enough, here’s a little video of a pivotal piece for me during BIG. Don’t let the size scare you – it’s liberating and exhilarating and you work up to it! You can do it!

Here’s a little testimony I wrote a few weeks after BIG ended, too…

Fearless Painting (a testimony)
October 8, 2011
Simply put: if you offer your sincerest intention to Fearless painting – whatever that intention looks like to you – it will be delivered.
Through openly welcoming the Fearless painting process into my being, with honest effort and kindness toward myself, I have come home to a place inside myself that seemed long gone – so far gone that I think I had written it off as imagined or silly. I have come home to me, the artist, the dreamer, the believer…to parts of me that are essential to fulfilling my desire for a spiritual path in my daily life, and for living in alignment with my highest sense of self and intuition through the service of authenticity and ongoing growth.
I stumbled upon Connie and her Fearless painting workshop, BIG, in a serendipitous sequence of events. As life often does when we’re busy worrying about other things, I was unknowingly delivered to exactly the right person at the right time to suggest a practice that could change my life – and that, indeed, I needed desperately and had been seeking all along without realizing it. I had a hunch about this when I signed up for BIG and felt that wave of tingly “yes” rush through my cells that shows up when you’ve taken a step in sync with your higher self. So I committed to seeing the six weeks through with as much transparency and effort as I could muster up. During the six weeks, I participated daily, even if in just a small way, in an effort to meet my commitment deeply, fully and continuously. (I even convinced my husband to paint a fearless collaborative painting with me one night – which proved to be an insightful practice as well!)
You see, I had moved so far away from my creative self that the rest of my life seemed completely off track, too. I was settling for a mediocre existence of daily humdrum routine with only a rusty connection left to my intuitive voice and desires. Many of the greatest lessons of my life were filed away in memory rather than serving an active, integrated part of my living and intentional life design. I was existing, but not feeling Alive. And I was so restless and lost I could taste change looming just around the corner, with full knowing that if I didn’t go into this change with my eyes and heart open, fully participating in it, that it had the potential to cause some deeper damage on my path.
So, I committed, and Connie led the way brilliantly – with just the right balance of encouragement and firm faith, and Fearless painting delivered deep layers of nourishment in ways I hadn’t even anticipated.
First, with a lot of moment to moment work, I was able to tap into true listening between me and the painting. This is a phenomena that sounds so absurd to someone who hasn’t experienced it that I hesitate to speak of it so literally, but it is so powerful that it demands to be shared. The painting you are creating has a mind and voice of its own. Your time with the painting is direct communication, and what comes of it is a direct result of the level of presence you are able to bring and offer to both yourself and the painting. It waits to speak through your brush, from your heart to your hand and back again. It is no less than meditation or prayer – and can become the same. It is a glimpse into how you approach everything in your life, by awareness of how you do this one thing. It is both simple and tremendously profound, with all the ups and downs of any relationship. You meet the mystery of it by surrendering to the dance of the process, one inclination at a time, into the unknown, with intentional non-attachment to what may come of it. In fact, you can meet the most profound realizations when you just stop caring what the painting will look like in the end. After all, despite the magical sounding process I’ve described, it is just a painting. Some encounters will change your perceptions, some will bring you deep work, and some will carry you away in playtime – and all are good medicine.
Second, despite what my doubtful ego may want to convince me of, I came to clear terms with the concept of being BIG. Boldness, inspired leadership and absolutely-empowered-awesomeness are no longer just ideas I place onto others. I am as BIG as anyone I have ever admired, and as BIG as I Fearlessly dare to dream. I didn’t get this before Fearless painting. I understood the concept, but I didn’t GET it. This is a HUGE revelation for someone like me who has lived her whole life never feeling good enough, always feeling like something was broken or wrong inside, unworthy of lasting goodness in life, and convinced she had to suffer to deserve anything good at all. So much so, that I spent years and tears of energy trying to prove myself worthy to others, able to fit into some ideal mold, making decisions so out of touch with who I am that when I woke up from the trance, I no longer knew what brought me Joy. I felt all wrong in the skin of my life and could feel a deep need for shedding that weight. And the most beautifully brilliant, ironic part of it is that sometimes BIG shows itself in the smallest details, in the quietest ways, in the most intimate whispers of purpose, and sometimes in the very shedding of our skin. Most importantly, my BIG, whatever it is now, whatever it turns out to be, is perfectly enough as long as I stay in alignment with myself, listening to the universe speak loving exchanges with my soul’s truth and following where that leads – fearlessly, playfully, attentively.
Third, I rediscovered the power of a tribe: in this case, beautiful bold women – who dare to venture on the treasure hunt for their truth as well, supporting one another along the way as we allow Fearless painting to be our vessel to unexplored islands of life. I reaffirmed my suspicion that there is a whole world of people, of women, ready and waiting, often feeling just as lost, yet yearning and striving toward a change, a shift, a realization and manifestation of living in a way that is so in sync with our world in all its glory and so beyond its illusory templates of life limiting parameters. And we are moving this way, one level of awareness at a time – gently, compassionately, in just the right way – with loving challenge and encouragement from one another. As it should be. We are all feeling the stir inside of our souls, and we are waking up to shed our skins in the warmth of the light.
Last but not least, Fearless painting pulled out of the very depths of my being an entity that has been waiting for me to see her, buried under piles of logic, self-doubt, so-called reality checks, and disillusionment. She is my truest guide, my inner voice, my wise woman, my angel, my direct line to Creator. She is the one that will hush my inner critic, show me the next step, and sees the opportunity in every happenstance that comes along. She is compassionate and daring, calm and wild. She prefers that I enjoy myself along the way. She doesn’t give a shit what others think and she knows that there is nothing holding me back from living the best life I can but myself and where I place my energy. She takes my hand and helps me get out of the way. She is also forgiving, and she sees the Big picture beyond me and my personal transformations. Her deepest desire is for me to realize my greatest offering to the world, step up to the plate and share it, in service, so that others may feel their own potential. She is as much a part of me as any self-doubting fear gremlin in my psyche, but her offerings are the quiet vibration of presence, light and love found by passing through the compass of fear. I say “she” and “her”, but please understand she is but a messenger of Source, and Source is within us all. As Connie says: trust, listen, and let go.
This last gift of Fearless painting is what makes me a newly committed lifetime practitioner. My life is changed. I am unable to see the complete depth of how as I write this, but I feel it manifesting more fully, and I intend to no longer withhold myself from the world. I am no longer paralyzed by the fear of the unknown, by the uncertainty of change. In fact, I am rather curious about it. I have always felt at my core the potent healing power of art, the ripe ground that artists create upon, and the potential of creative expression to align with soul transformation – and here is a way to experience this, for anyone and everyone, as accessible as the air if you are willing to just stop and take a long deliberate, deep breath and expand into yourself. The experience has been as real as any spiritual revelation I have experienced thus far. It is a practice of connection and love, of acceptance and joy, of dark, light and all shades between. It is a pathway into your Self and beyond. It is hard work. It is art. It is meditation. It is the breath of life through color on a page. It is You, waiting patiently, lovingly, to show you just what you need to see. And Fearless painting can take you there.