So I just watched the first of five free workshops in Connie’s  new Total Alignment series (from Dirty Footprints Studio) that is debuting one by one this week.  And it was just great, as i expected. She has such a magical way of sharing simple methods of awareness that can help you peel away the layers of “junky-junk” (as she calls it), to get right to the center of you so that you can just make the art that lives in you.  By “simple” i mean – ways that are deeply profound and beautiful – and completely do-able and accessible and part of absolutely everyone. Just in the breathing exercise of the first one, i ended with such a feeling of perfect space within me… room to breathe, room to be, room to let the magic come in…

Here’s the introductory video about the workshop:

I’ve got no time to paint tonite, but cannot wait to later this week…

And we officially start the 7th tribe of BIG with Connie on Sunday (there’s a little linkylink on the sidebar if you’re curious). I can already tell it’s gonna be an amazing exploratory process for me & the rest of the women – ‘excited’ doesn’t even touch how i feel about this.

try painting – you’ll amaze yourself!

Shine On,


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