prayer page in moleskine art journal, Hali Karla

These are some pages that happened in the in-betweens over the past few months.

They are in my very first Moleskine sketchbook.
(which I like OK, but find I actually prefer this journal)

There have been a lot of in-betweens in the past few months.

Between the… holidays. traveling. family. friends. death. life. breaking bread. breaking sweats. working. waiting. inviting. offering. receiving. tending. listening. sharing. tending. sleeping. not-sleeping. loving. asserting. declaring. clearing. praying. making. missing. crying. laughing. dreaming. gathering. unraveling. remembering. seeking. giving up. holding strong. and not so strong….

The in-betweens are those almost stolen moments when I need my practice to look less like something diligent, disciplined, or with some agenda.
Different than the practice I’m in the middle of right now, even.

In the in-betweens, pages become a safe place to move any color, line, word true to my mood, or to just stare at in silence without making a mark.

To start something and never finish it.
To see something emerging and never find out what or why.
To forget about right ways to communicate
or use supplies or skills or composition
or anything we ever learned before
or even intuition.

To just touch in and feel the flow of a deeper truth that carries us
when we aren’t trying so hard to show up with a purpose…
but just as is.

daily creative practice pages in moleskine art journal, Hali Karla
daily creative practice page in moleskine art journal, Hali Karla
creative practice page in moleskine art journal, Hali Karla

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