Spectrum 2016


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Welcome, Creative Heart!

You are a radiant SPECTRUM of Life & Wholeness…
… and the insight & joy you seek is within you!

Creative journaling – expressing yourself with words or through mixed-media {art}making – is an amazing way to access, celebrate and awaken what feels invigorating, meaningful and vital to you.

Sometimes that feels active, edgy and playful.
Sometimes it is calm, centering and healing.
It is definitely full of discoveries, growth and gifts!

Join us in Spectrum 2016, for a holistic-creative journey that will nurture, spark and expand the ways you explore your heart’s truth, honor your expressive nature and engage with your soul’s calling.

Very simply, Spectrum 2016 is an online multi-media workshop & community, with weekly inspiration and exclusive classes for your creative practice & holistic awareness, including mixed-media art lessons, writing prompts and holistic-centered perspectives & activities from 45 contributors.


Artist: Spectrum creator & facilitator Hali Karla

Showing up as our truest, most expressive self may be one of the greatest arts of all. Creative practice helps us move in that direction, taking in the journey of life, and its offerings, to their fullest.

In Spectrum you are offered:

  • 20 all new, in-depth mixed-media / journaling lessons from the brilliant and inspiring 2016 featured guest teachers
  • 10+ new bonus offerings, lessons and invitations to keep your inspiration flowing – from a spectacular group of returning contributors
  • creative practice lessons with Spectrum organizer, Hali Karla, to help you begin your Spectrum journey, keep it fun and sustaining, and wrap it up with closure and vision
  • Access to more than 15 of the popular lessons from previous years, to re-visit or spark your journaling practice – also from our 25 returning contributors

All content is now instant access (with class site access until May 2017)!

Registration is now closed

*see refund & cancellation policy at bottom of page

 In Spectrum, we ground & play in our creative & reflective practice,
and then explore ways to integrate our discoveries from within the pages,
outward into the dynamic art of living, healing and relating.

20 new teachers for Spectrum 2016 are joined by 25 returning contributors! (including Chris Zydel, Tracy Verdugo, Andrea Schroeder, Heather Plett, Rachael Rice, Galia Alena, Effy Wild, Jamie Ridler, Malini Parker, Carolan Deacon, Cat Caracelo, Carissa Paige, Tara Leaver, Asia Suler, Lucy Pearce and more)

20 new teachers for Spectrum 2016 are joined by 25 returning contributors!

The Vision & Experience we strive to bring in Spectrum is intended to inspire, strengthen & support you
in developing your relationship with the following:

  • EMPOWERED EXPRESSION for richer experiences & well-being
  • CELEBRATIONS of WHOLENESS, INQUIRY & MYSTERY, aligning your inner and outer ways of showing up
  • ENHANCING INTUITION and LISTENING WITHIN for clarity in personal discovery, healing & growth
  • BUILDING COURAGE, RESILIENCY & TRUST in one’s self, effecting all your relations and decisions
  • CONSCIOUSLY CULTIVATED COMMUNITY that feels intimate and inclusive for many ways of seeing
  • CONNECTION to *your* INNATE CREATIVE ENERGY through embodied awareness, play & curiosity
Spectrum Workshop Testimony

Spectrum Workshop Testimony

Art by Spectrum 2016 Contributors Deborah Milton, Carissa Paige, Effy Wild

Artists: Deborah J Milton, Carissa Paige, Effy Wild

Our 20 all new featured teachers for Spectrum 2016
are creating exciting and heart-centered workshops inspired by the following core themes:

Shifting Perspective, Forgiveness, Navigating Uncertainty,
Integration, Connecting with Nature,
Trusting Joy,
Honoring Your Body, Expressing Your Truth
and more.

Spectrum Workshop Testimony

Spectrum Workshop Testimony

Here are just a few of the amazing new lessons in store for the 2016 program:

  • Heart Beat… with Andrea Schroeder
  • Mythic Listening + Ancestral Healing… with Cat Caracelo
  • The Way In: Journaling Your Internal Landscape… with Effy Wild
  • Good Medicine: The Art of Falling Apart… with Kristina “Kitty” Oppegard
  • Mother Tree: The Art of Seeing the Forest and the Trees… with Meghan Genge
  • Dive Deep Decide Dedicate and Devote… with Shelley Klammer
  • Calm from Chaos… with Tara Leaver

*** CLICK HERE for the Workshop Descriptions & Bios from ALL of the teachers! ***

Art by Spectrum 2016 contributors, Bebe Butler, Briana Goetzen, Cat Caracelo

Artists: Briana Goetzen, Cat Caracelo, Bebe Butler



* Instant ACCESS to all workshop content at the class site until May 2017, with the option to download what you’d like to keep!

Spectrum 2016 Holistic Creative Workshop - join us

Artist: Kristal Norton

Over 40 workshop invitations and lessons to enjoy and choose from.

All content is offered through an assortment of rich video, audio mp3s, pdfs, clear instruction and colorful photos, which you can access at your convenience at our new, private, online classroom site.

There will be overflowing content for you to explore, and plenty of time to do so, because once a lesson goes live, you will have unlimited access to work at your own pace and timing!

Artist: Petrea Hansen-Adamidis

Artist: Petrea Hansen-Adamidis

You will also receive…

* The option to join to the PRIVATE HOLISTIC CREATIVE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY, where you can share your process, connect, and engage in supportive exchange with others who are also exploring their holistic-creative expression. We will also connect on Instagram with special hashtags, and you can always comment and share at the classroom site if social media is not your thing.

* The opportunity to learn a variety of fun and meaningful holistic-creative techniques, perspectives and processes, from a variety of teachers from all over the world that you otherwise might not get the chance to work with! Yay, for global connections via the internet!

*** CLICK HERE for the Workshop Descriptions & Bios from ALL of the teachers! ***

Spectrum 2016 Holistic Creative Workshop, join us

Registration is now closed


*see refund & cancellation policy at bottom of page


Art by Spectrum 2016 Contributors Lisa Wilson, Malini Parker, Maya Zaido

Artists: Lisa Wilson, Malini Parker, Maya Zaido


Spectrum Workshop Testimony

Spectrum Workshop Testimony


Q: Where is Spectrum held? How does it work?

A: Spectrum is an online workshop experience – so you can participate right from home.

Artist: Bebe Butler

Artist: Bebe Butler

Spectrum is a series of lessons and offerings for your creative practice, hosted at a private, easy-to-navigate online classroom site.  Weekly links to new content and any updates will be delivered right to your inbox, and once the content goes live, access will remain available and unlimited for your personal convenience.

You are encouraged to work at your own pace, or follow along with the weekly schedule as you like, and you can connect & share with other participants in the private Facebook Holistic Creative Connection group, on Instagram, or at the classroom site.

Q: Do I need previous art experience to join Spectrum?

A: Not at all! This is a perfect offering to support a beginning creative practice AND inspire fresh perspective for those with previous art, healing and visual journaling experience.

Q: Are all of the contributor’s workshops focused on creating something in my Visual/Art Journal?

A: This is the really juicy part about Spectrum! And the short answer is – No, not necessarily. Most will be – and others will have something totally different to offer. Regardless, you can be assured that we will explore fun ways to incorporate each contributor’s creative offering into our ongoing visual journal experience.

In Spectrum, we aren’t just focused on making beautiful art journal pages or even ‘art’ necessarily (this will look different for everyone). We are creating an applicable, exploratory experience of YOUR innate and dynamic creative process+wholeness. You will develop, deepen or begin a creative practice, exploring what that looks and feels like for YOU.


*** CLICK HERE for the Workshop Descriptions & Bios from ALL of the teachers! ***


Q: What if I get behind?

Spectrum Workshop Testimony

Spectrum Workshop Testimony

In Spectrum, wherever you are with the content is right where you are supposed to be!

We encourage being gentle about your pace and rhythm with creative practice because your needs and process are completely unique to you and the life you are living – and this is meant to be a nurturing, inspiring and helpful experience. And we believe that you will receive exactly what you are meant to for your creative journey.

Plus, you will have plenty of time to work at your own pace with unlimited access! (until May 2017)

Art by Spectrum 2016 Contributors Catherine Anderson, Tara Leaver, Meghan Genge

Artists: Catherine Anderson, Tara Leaver, Meghan Genge

Q: What technical requirements do I need to access and participate in Spectrum successfully?

A: Here are the basics…

  • A computer or mobile device with connection to the internet. A high-speed connection will help reduce possible frustration.
  • All videos for Spectrum are hosted on Vimeo. Visit HERE for an app designed specifically for viewing Vimeo videos with your device
  • The videos are best supported by the up-to-date version of the following browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, & Internet Explorer
  • You need to be comfortable with basic computer skills – primarily entering a username and password, and accessing your email
Artist: Shelley Klammer, contributor for Spectrum 2016

Artist: Shelley Klammer

Q: Is the Spectrum 2016 content downloadable?

A: Yes – but it’s different this year, so make note:

Spectrum no longer comes as an ebook – and we’re super excited about this! Here’s why:

All of the workshop content will be hosted at a beautiful new classroom site – where you can come and go as you please, connect with others as you like, save trees by not printing what you don’t want to keep, and so that you don’t have to keep track of yet another pdf file!

However, if you love your pdf files, there will be the option to save very simple pdfs of the content you enjoy most and wish to keep for future reference.

You will have ongoing and unlimited access to the video content right within the online classroom – and all of the new 2016 video content will also be downloadable until May 2017, should you decide you’d like to keep any. However, we do recommend watching the workshop videos right at the classroom since videos can take up a *huge* amount of memory space on your devices and no technical support will be available for downloading issues.

Art by Spectrum 2016 Contributors Suki Kapinao, Shelley Klammer, Kristal Norton

Artists: Suki Ka’Pinao, Shelley Klammer, Kristal Norton

Q:  Is there a supply list?  

A: There is not a master supply list. Each teacher will present you with a list of any supplies you may need in their own personal offering.

In the meantime, you can gather some basic visual journaling materials such as an art/visual journal or simple sketchbook, acrylic and/or watercolor paints, paintbrushes, glue, scissors, pens, markers, gesso, and collage fodder etc.

Artist: Beth Morey

Photo by Beth Morey

Q:  Can I ask questions and get feedback on my holistic-creative journal pages and journey?

A: Your registration comes with access to the supportive, peer-based Holistic Creative Connection Facebook group where you will find an encouraging environment to share and connect with others, participants and teachers alike.

Q: Is Spectrum just for women?

A: While it is likely that most Spectrum members will identify as women, this work and play is important for everyone, so all are absolutely welcome. A spirit of inclusiveness and diverse perspective is important to the Spectrum vision!

Art by Spectrum 2016 Contributors Andrea Schroeder, Grace Howes, Kitty Oppegard

Artists: Andrea Schroeder, Grace Howes, Kitty Oppegard

Q: When does Spectrum 2016 begin?

A: All of the 2016 content has been posted at the class site, and you now get instant access to all of the workshop content when you register!

Q: Can I register after Spectrum 2016 Opens?

A: YES! Registration will remain open until November 30, 2016. So if you need to save up or wait to join, there’s plenty of time to get in on the fun when the timing is right for you this year. Access to the classroom is ongoing and unlimited until May 2017.

If you are facing financial hardship this year, you may qualify for our all new scholarship program. Scroll to the bottom of this page and look for the green button to take you to the eligibility requirements and application.

Q: Would you like to purchase a membership as a GIFT? Got Questions? Need help with anything at all?

A: Please email support(at)halikarla(dot)com. We’re happy to help, and also appreciate your patience. We will respond in a timely manner during regular business days (EST).

Art by Spectrum 2016 Contributors Elloa Atkinson, Kelly Johnson, Kitty Oppegard

Artists: Elloa Atkinson, Kelly Johnson, Kitty Oppegard

Q:  How can I learn more about the Spectrum 2016 teachers?

A: First, be sure to check out the detailed list of 2016 workshop offerings and teacher bios if you haven’t already! You will find links to all of their websites there as well:


*** CLICK HERE for the Workshop Descriptions & Bios from ALL of the teachers! ***


Second, many of our teachers have joined in for a Holistic Creative Chat interview, so check out that series RIGHT HERE, and keep an eye out for new ones this year here at Hali Karla Arts.

Spectrum Workshop Testimony

Spectrum Workshop Testimony

Spectrum Holistic Creative Workshop - join us

Q: Can I share the workshop site? 

A: This is a private course for those that have paid for registration, and each registration is for one person only. We ask that you respect the hard work of all of the contributors, as well as everyone who has paid for the course and not share the links/passwords or course content with anyone. Thanks!

Q: Can I share my Spectrum work on my blog, FB page, instagram, etc? 

A: Of course! And Thank You! Sharing our creative journey with others is a powerful gift. Just be sure to limit what you share to your experience, and not the course content. There are blog buttons below, if you like.

Q: Can I sell work I create during the workshop if I’d like to? 

A: Absolutely!

Artist: Tara Leaver

Artist: Tara Leaver

Q: Can I teach what I learn from this course and/or write an article for publication on techniques used during this course?

A: All content within Spectrum belongs to the respective artist/contributor, with exclusive use by Hali Karla Arts to distribute it for the duration of the program and per contract. It is created specifically to enhance and support your personal and creative growth, for education and entertainment purposes only, and is copyright protected.

That said, if you are a teacher, you know well that good teachers never stop learning and always refer to other sources from their own learning when teaching. Please use good judgment and ethics when considering how and what to use in your own offerings, from what you’ve learned in Spectrum. If you wish to teach/write/share about a similar topic, please be sure to make it truly your own, focused on your own original ideas, and to always give frequent & proper credit where it is due. This creates a loving, respectful and supportive energy amongst all of us as artists, teachers, and visionaries in our changing world. You can always feel free to reach out for clarification or questions about this. Thank you.

Q:  How can I become a Spectrum teacher in the future?

A: Spectrum contributors are dedicated artists, healers and visionaries, varied in their approaches and offerings, but sharing a passion for holistic perspective, creative practice & authentic heart-centered expression.

If you value sharing wisdom and ideas generously and with clear communication, consider yourself detailed oriented and reliable, and love to inspire creativity and self-empowered healing in others, then please send an email stating your interest, with links to your website, to any sample videos and to your social media profiles to: support(at)halikarla.com . You will be placed on a list of possible contributors to be considered for future programs and contacted if we are interested. Thanks for your interest and dedication!

Q:  Is there a Spectrum button I can add to my blog?  

A: Yes!

Just right click any of the images below, save them to your computer and use them where you’d like with a link back to this page. Thank you for sharing the love & support!

We can’t wait to create with you!

Cancellation and Refund Policy ::

For Spectrum 2016 :: Full refunds (minus Pay Pal fees) will be issued to those that cancel their order within 30 days of purchase AND prior to April 29, 2016*.  
To request a refund, please email Support(at)HaliKarla.com with your full name and the email address that you used to purchase your order through Pay Pal. You will receive your refund within seven (7) business days of receiving your request.
* No refunds will be issued on or after April 29, 2016
Spectrum 2016 - join us

Artist: Robin Hallett


The 2016 Scholarship Application is now closed.

Thank you to all of the entrants for your applications.
Recipients will be notified the first week of March.

Many blessings to each of you on your creative and healing journeys!