here she sits, with spirit friend nuzzling her on…

a work in progress (detail).
my first play on canvas since… pretty much ever.

that’s what May is about right now for me.
deep cleaning, clearing, refreshing, cleansing, getting centered,
and making myself do those things that call me,
those things that need attention,
those things that i’ve wanted to do for a long while,
but have felt timid or fearful or insecure or hesitant or…
just unsure about.
those things that have been on the backburner for awhile.

like remembering to write the guts of my truth for me. end of story.
because when i write anything else, i might as well be playing ping-pong or staring at the wall.
i’ve got a few things to say to myself, whether i want to hear it or not…

i’m letting myself do a little here, a little there of daunting goals intentions
that make my life fuller, and my cells giggle with openness and relief.
like making space and cleaning out that closet (you know the one),
or letting go of that journal full of clips of a lifetime long gone.
like tuning in my listening station
to the frequencies of my body’s messages with just a bit more clarity…
oh, and following up on what i know to be true for me.
like feeding my spirit the fuel it needs,
trading in the quick-fix distractions and empty calories of short-lived whims and empty payback
for the whole, living nourishment of my true work,
every day.

like going to see that mountain i keep meaning to.
like going to the ocean.
like strumming songs with my beloved and nuzzling with my pup.
like talking to my plants.
like praying on my knees, to the earth, with the moon, in the middle of the day,
just because the cool damp touch feels right.

and like painting on canvas…