Making Art Medicine…


Art fills a space in our heart and soul in ways we have no words for.
It inspires, in the truest sense.

Art-making is a relationship, a liminal and powerful witness of our unfolding lives.
It is a way of seeing, engaging, enlivening, transforming and deepening.

Art can heal and revitalize.
It certainly provides comfort, inspiration, release, connection,
and a place for unfiltered expression, discovery and growth.
That is, if you show up to the practice,
and actually put in the time and attention to Make YOUR Art.

Making Art Medicine is a series of theme-based workshops intended to get your hands in a heart-guided mixed-media creative practice,
so that you can discover the medicine, perspectives and gifts within, just waiting to infuse and enrich your awareness and life.

The three Making Art Medicine sessions are ESSENCE, ORIGIN and IMPULSE.
You can take one or all three in the bundle.

The Making Art Medicine sessions will soon be available as self-guided, downloadable, instant access ecourses.

No artistic experience is necessary and all who feel ready to explore, discover, grow and create are welcome.


Making Art Medicine sessions have unlimited access once the lessons go live. You can participate at any time and work at your own pace. While there will be the chance to connect with others, there is also a no pressure policy.

For the first five weeks that the class is open, it is a ‘live-online’ class that I will be highly engaged with and present for. We will have bonus meet-up opportunities (for those who can make it) and the chance to connect and share with one another as we move through the process – all as a way of adding a little extra support to your creative practice with the core content.

  • Photo Jul 14, 5 01 08 PMEach Making Art Medicine sessions will be structured into 5 core lessons
  • Each class will be held on a private blog
  • On the first day that the class goes live, we begin a 5 week journey. Each week, a new lesson is released until all are posted and available with unlimited access from then on – so you can work at your own pace with no worry, taking as long as you need
  • Basic computer skills are needed (ability to login, access a blog, etc) and a high speed internet connection is recommended for a smooth video-watching experience (videos are also downloadable)
  • There will be written guides, demo & process videos, occasional audio mp3s and high-quality photos to guide you through the lessons and invitations
  • Supplies needed will be simple and inexpensive mixed-media/craft supplies – making art (especially as personal medicine) does not need to cost a lot or require fancy tools! We will use our art journals, create loose paintings and drawings in various sizes, as well as venture into some bonus areas for exploration. No artistic experience necessary – just a willingness to dive in and try.
  • Feel free to register anytime! – note that the annual bundle will save you funds that can be used for your supplies
  • Absolutely no refunds after the session goes live unless there are very special circumstances. Refund requests made within 30 days of purchase, and before the session goes live, will be honored – minus Paypal fees. No partial refunds will be given for annual passes.


Session 1 :: E S S E N C E

Exploring Your Sense of Self

There may be nothing else that pertains to all of us so intimately as how we see ourselves, how we see others, and how this creates the stories we live. Underneath those stories is the source of our essence, as well as medicine for any feelings of dis-connect, which we all go through. Portraiture is a fascinating way to contemplate and express our living experience of this dance with self, connection and perception – regardless of artistic experience.

The ART:: Through guided mixed-media portrait studies, of self and others, you will explore the expression, sensations, stories and intricacies that make you You, inside and out.

The MEDICINE:: In honor of your distinct individuality and perceptions, as well as your innate reflection of & connection to the vaster human family, you will practice consciously defining AND blending the edges where others stop and you begin – reflecting on when each approach is most beneficial for You.

The Making Art Medicine sessions will soon be available as self-guided, downloadable, instant access ecourses.

ORIGIN_2000Session 2 :: O R I G I N

Honoring Spirit of Place

I have been dreaming of offering this class for over a year now, and I can’t wait to journey with you, as we draw our inspiration from the world around us, and its vital+miraculous medicine, through mixed-media landscapes, dreamscapes, painted worlds and the creative, living wonder of our home on Mother Earth. You will stART right where you are and venture inward and outward to discover texture, pattern, cycles, harmony and soulful connections of beauty in details both complex and simple. Is there anything more inspiring than our amazing natural world?

The ART:: Your creative practice will take you out into the field to celebrate the vastness with color and light, as well as into intimate studies with fascinating specimens and curiosities that you gather for your mixed-media art-making meditations. Expect to connect, head-to heart-to hand, with the microcosm and macrocosm, and a touch of everything in between – from the natural landscape around you to the worlds you discover and imagine in your dreams and associations.

The MEDICINE:: This class will be a homecoming celebration, a grounding of your creative inspiration with the world that feeds it, an invitation to honor where you come from and to develop a deeper relationship with where you now dig your roots. There will be contemplative work as well as experiential invitations that can be customized as simple, down-to-earth exercises or more ritualistic, depending on what calls to you in the season you commune and create.

The Making Art Medicine sessions will soon be available as self-guided, downloadable, instant access ecourses.

IMPULSE_2000Session 3 :: I M P U L S E

Evoking the un-Still Life

Our impulses, urges, attractions and instincts are both sensually and mysteriously sparked so that we engage, survive, thrive, connect, create, birth, unite and even release. There is a  rhythm to your unique creative process life cycle – a point when the impulse is an opportunity to expand and co-create something that moves beyond your present imagination – if you can recognize and meet the moment of engagement with surrender and curiosity.

The ART::
You will create dynamic studies & begin a body of mixed-media art that expresses and explores inner movement, in a very free-spirited and playful way. You will practice how to identify, join and amplify your unique rhythm, through mixed-media creative practice and invitations designed to inspire your free-spirit and stretch your comfort zones. Expect to have fun, get messy, and be surprised with this session.

You will explore your tolerance and capacities for different approaches and stages of the creative process. Through experiential invitations and reflection on creative flow and resistance, you will move closer to partnering with your pure, unfiltered creative impulse – and what that FEELS like moving through you into the world as a way of relating and expression, and as a compass and gauge for growth, participation and vitality.

The Making Art Medicine sessions will soon be available as self-guided, downloadable, instant access ecourses.


Thank you for supporting your creative practice and mine!












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