art by Natasha Reilly at

art by Natasha Reilly

Artist and writer, Natasha Reilly, is with us today to talk about the power (and challenge) of Play, making space and real-time integration for a holistic creative practice & life! If you don’t know Natasha, you will find her smile, insights and laughter to be pure infectious inspiration!

Grab a journal, your favorite doodling pens, a cuppa somethin’ refreshing – or however you like to do this listening in thing, and join us:

You can visit Natasha RIGHT HERE!

UPDATE :: Natasha is one of the 25 Spectrum 2015 Holistic Creative Circle contributors. Learn more and join us HERE.

Holistic Creative Chat interview with artist and writer Natasha Reilly at - listen in for free (painting by Natasha)



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