Holistic Creative Chat with nature artist, author and teacher Kelly Johnson!

This week’s Holistic Creative Circle guest is artist, teacher and garden guide, Kelly Johnson.

She and I met for a chat, and talked about the importance of cultivating creative connection to nature with children (and re-awakening it in adults), realizing the gifts of where we come from AND exploring our curiosities beyond that, as well as how a creative practice can help us explore and process our sense of identity – and so much more.



You can visit Kelly at her site RIGHT HERE.

You can also join us and 40+ other teachers for a holistic-creative journaling adventure in Spectrum 2016. Registration is open through November, and the program begins today! (access through May 2017) ::

Spectrum 2016 Holistic Creative Journaling Workshop - join in through November 30 (access through 2017)!



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