Chart Your Creative Energy by the Moon

A way to consciously connect with your unique creative rhythms & process…
by moon phase, element and sign


Connecting with the wisdom and wonder of celestial cycles and rhythms is a beautiful way to tap into your innate relationship with nature. And the moon – somehow both mysterious and reliable –  is a sweet and generous welcome to this vast territory of self-reflection and growth.

That’s what this Moon Chart journey invitation is about.

Back in 2015, I began really paying attention to the daily moon signs, and noticing how this did or did not effect my personal experience and creative flow. I’ve noticed a distinct connection for me between the Moon phases, elements and signs, and my own creative energy for my daily practice, projects and process. I’m still noticing. It’s fascinating… and so helpful.

And I’m betting some of you might be interested in exploring this, too.

If you already have a moon charting system going – you can tweak these ideas into your own format – perfect! I actually do this in my linear calendar most consistently, out of convenience.

However, the circular format is particularly helpful when beginning to connect with the cycle, as well as for those of us who are resonant with visual + circular ways of learning and recognizing patterns or themes.

So, let’s get you started… and please note, that while this demo took place around the New Moon in Aries of 2017, you can start your chart with the most recent New Moon and follow the same ideas for the lunar cycle happening right now.


STEP 2 :: Add Dates & Consider Moon Phases


Starting with the middle black circle on the bottom of the chart wheel – representing the New Moon – write the date of the last New Moon (according to your location) in the outer rim (write small, leaving a little extra space for the moon sign).

Below is a video where I walk you through this step with musings on what to consider and basic ideas around paying attention to the moon phases.

HERE is an online calendar that can be customized to your location, that will show you the New Moon date,
as well as the Moon sign changes, which we’ll add later.

STEP 3 :: Choose Your Creative Energy Key Words & Symbols


Next, make a list of words to describe feelings, moods or states you often experience in your creative practice or process…
such as: resistance, flow, inspired, productive, all-over-the-place, detail-oriented, quiet, energetic, etc.

Then go back through and select 5-10 that are most predominant for you.
These are the ones you will use to note your daily overall creative-energy mood on your chart.

In the next video, I offer ways of considering this step and different creative process ‘moods,’ as well as how you might incorporate symbols into your own charting approach:

Even if you simply charted based on what we’ve done so far, and keep up with it for at least 3 months,
you will begin to see meaningful and helpful patterns on how to honor, celebrate, focus and optimize your innate rhythms.

The part that gets me most excited, though, is the next part…
where we consider the daily moon sign and the corresponding elements, and what these have to say about our creative connectivity.


STEP 4 :: Engage the Elements (& Signs)


Every 2+ days, the moon moves through one of the 12 zodiac signs, and each sign has its own impression and motivation…
and is associated with an element – air, water, fire or earth.

For this next step, you may want to open up that free online Moon Sign calendar HERE (be sure to put in your location)

Or maybe you have a We’Moon calendar – or another with daily astrological changes. Perfect – grab that.

OR, There are apps for daily Moon Phase/Sign tracking, too.
I like Phases of the Moon for android (it shows the daily signs, too!), and Moon Calendar or Time Passages for ios.

So, let’s add the daily Moon signs to your chart for the current cycle, and consider some ways that just knowing the daily elements might inform and inspire our creative awareness, as well as the layers of patterns within moon charting.

Here are those zodiac glyphs again:

Screenshot 2017-03-29 19.42.17

For some of you, this will feel like plenty to begin with,
even though we haven’t even begun to consider each of the 12 signs individually yet.

If you are ready to dive in to some of the nuances about how each moon sign may be felt,
and how each speaks practically to aligning and nurturing our natural creative energy,
then sign up below and I’ll send you an exclusive lesson on daily Moon Signs that I shared recently in IN THE STARS.

This final video will take the layers of your moon chart – and the dance with your process of self-reflection and creativity – to a whole new level of wonder, FUNction and awareness.

So once you sign up for it, check your inbox.

There are ways you are here to BE in the world, and things you are here to DO,
and the Spirit of the Moon wants to nurture your journey….

With Great Love,


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