Visual Journal Art + interview mp3 - seeing and listening

altered book art journal spread, mixed media, by Hali Karla Still coming back in the book to peek at these pages from time to time. Kind of like when the page isn't done yet... but slightly different. There's something here that the deeper me sees that my mind hasn't put together yet. All in right timing, if ever at all.

On another note, the generous hostess, Bebe Butler, gave each of us our interview mp3 from her Painted Guru series earlier this summer, with the blessing to use as we like.

It's a funny thing - I rarely re-listen to recordings of myself. And if it was a particularly moving one for me, I also rarely remember exactly what I said - even moments after we're finished. This one was like that.

I have received so many heartfelt Thank Yous and warm notes from new connections about this one, though, that I'm planning on re-listening sometime in the next few weeks. So I thought I'd post it here for you as well - so that I don't lose track of it in the abyss of my file-folders and so it can land on the hearts and ears of anyone else it may resonate with.


[audio mp3=""][/audio]