Artist~Healer Circle :: Inspiration Break

original mandala prayer art. hali karla.
"I think there is a looking with your whole body 
as if there were tentacles that sense and touch 
the totality of the thing you’re looking at 
so that the tree stops being leaves, branches, roots. 
It starts becoming a clustering, a gathering, 
a drooping, a lifting, a turning."
 "Attention is waiting."
~ Artist Jane Rosen
~~~ ~~~ ~~~
You may have noticed a lapse in Artist~Healer Circle guests.
No worries.
Just some technical glitches and a shift in timing
to allow space for self-care and gentle unfolding
for a couple of guests.
They will share in due time.
I see this as a beautiful example of living, continuous Healing -
rolling, creatively and openly, 
bending with and honoring the unexpected changes.
This is key to artists, to healers, 
to us all 
who wish to live with ease and grounded potential.
In the meantime, I share with you a link  (below)
to a most amazing interview of artist Jane Rosen
where she discusses a topic dear to my heart, my practice, 
even my current class AROUSE
and an outlook of listening and seeing within the creative process 
that can literally change your whole life.
She may not be an artist who thinks of herself as a healer at all,
but in this sharing of her truth and process,
there is great healing potential.
And stick with the interview- the story at the end is just beautiful 
(as many stories with ravens are).
I just love it!
Check it out by clicking this:
~~~ ~~~ ~~~
You can see more of Jane's art at her site: