Become an Affiliate

Are you interested in becoming an affiliate for Hali Karla Arts?


It’s a great way to earn some money and help share the empowering, holistic gift of art-making with others.

It is how many artists online supplement their income, support one another, and earn back spending money for their own supplies and taking classes. And it is at no extra cost to purchasers. Everybody wins!

I do ask that you have taken at least one workshop or class with Hali Karla Arts before requesting to join the affiliate program, because I want you to know for sure that you resonate with what I offer. And because your experience is the best way to refer people. This can include having participated in a free program through Hali Karla Arts. SIGN UP HERE to get on the Holistic Creative Connection list and receive access to available free workshops now.

Affiliate Payment Details

  • Individual affiliate shares range from 10-30% for eligible products and programs, such as Spectrum and Making Art Medicine *
  • Payments are made between the 1st and 10th of each month for the previous month’s referrals
  • Affiliate referrals are automatically tracked through a third-party affiliate program
  • Payments will only be made through Paypal, directly to your Paypal account
  • Each payment will be made in USD (but Paypal converts this to your currency for you)
  • Hali Karla Arts covers Paypal payment fees

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Please note:

  • As an affiliate, you cannot buy Hali Karla Arts products through your own affiliate link to receive discounts. If this happens by accident, you will not receive that affiliate referral commission.
  • This program may be discontinued at anytime by Hali Karla Arts, who will make a reasonable effort to inform you should this happen.


* Hali Karla Art’s teachers receive an additional affiliate commission as per their contract