Art by Cynthia Lee

by Cynthia Lee

Today, I present an offering from a weaver of word~wisdom, Cynthia Lee – devoted to living her truth, however it flows – from pen, paint or rhythm with her people. With a boundless heart, rooted in her creative practice, I feel she embodies what it means to be living the fullness of creative, holistic healing and being – as a process – messy, raw and full of joy to be found again and again. Here is a taste:


Ode to the Mark of the Pen

Brushstrokes abound
flinging color 
when muse calls
when life feels like just too much
noise, grief, uncertainty
and brushstrokes carry me through
to the place of peace

But the mark
the simple mark of the pen
line, curve, line and curve back again

that mark holds all  the possibility of capturing
images recognizable 
But knowing that I do not seek
 that which I already know,
the pen leads me on a quest
of the preventative peace
that which infuses my mind and heart
with clarity and calm spirit.The daily dance 
between pen and me, 
building the way of trust
ever available

simple lines
smooth the complex


cynthia150Cynthia Lee is an intuitive artist, 
unschooling herself in the practice of creativity, 
sacred feminism, and all things life.
She is the brave-hearted lover of her husband 
of twenty-eight years, 
the mother-soul of four daughters and five sons 
who were and are all unschooled as well, 
the young-at-heart Mi-Mi to her grandsons. 
When she says she is a truth-seeker, 
it is her own Spirit Wisdom she seeks 
on her quest as a whole woman, a spirit uncaged. Most of all Cynthia is a questioner, a reclaimer, a proclaimer. 

She writes about her life at 
and has several creative offerings in the works including spirit*speak,  an interactive mini-journal featuring meditative intuitive doodling, journaling prompts and inspiration.


I’ve held the magic of her work in my own hands, and brought them into my personal, creative reflection process – and there is a deeper energy transmitting through her – like soul-whispers just for you.

She just released the most beautiful invitation to join her in a community called the Spirited Ones. I would love to see you there – so be sure to check it out RIGHT HERE.


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