Happy New Year! Happy 2012!!

We brought in the New Year with homemade sushi and fresh pineapple juice, sake, a collaborative painting and – best of all – a fire under the stars.

There’s something about a fire that just brings my soul into now. The warmth, the hypnotic flame-dance, the power of the burn, and the promise in the sparks. It can instantly induce a quiet inside me, a reverence, a grounding, a timelessness.

Over the fire, I said my word for the year 2012, out loud for the first time, to my fella, Steve. It required a little explanation…

A few weeks ago, some painting sisters started talking about what word they would choose for their year. I’ve never really chosen a word for a year before, but put it in the back of my mind while I continued to paint and figured the right word would show up if I didn’t think too hard. And it did… in two parts…

I woke up one morning with three words in my mind… Surrender… Enjoy… Activate…

… and then I realized that they made a little acronym… SEA….

This felt curious and right somehow – I’ve been craving the ocean and love mountain streams.
I am a water-bearing fish, (aka. aquarius-pisces cusp mama), so a water word is just how I flow… but it felt a little like it was missing something.

The second part of my 2012 word came when I was working on this painting… (see the video in the post below)…

When I was really young – as young as I can remember – I wanted to be a dancer. To explore this body and move and flow in it to music. To find rhythm and grace and to lose myself in the trance of sensation in the present moment. 

Outside of a short bit of ballet classes when I was five, I never really pursued dance per se. But as my 2012 word came to me (a purely made-up word) I realized that I still desire the same feeling in my life – the rush of being in rhythmic flow with creativity and expression and Source. To feel the music of Life as it comes, in unpredictable beats and melodies, with dissonance and harmony, and allow my body, cells and spirit to float gracefully, boldly and naturally to the sensations of that song.

So, my 2012 word is  SEA-Dance

So I made it up, I guess.
It’s a little silly and mysterious to me – and I like it!

And then this came across my screen today…

Sister, before you get all busy and serious about your new year resolutions,
take a moment to tune into that force which beats your heart,
which grows the leaves on the trees, which creates and tears down,
Tune into the captivating rhythm of evolution,
and dance your way into your holy calling.
The whole universe is dancing with you. 
~Chameli Ardagh 

If you have a 2012 word, I’d love to hear about it…